"Politics Religion Sex is a whip-smart commentary on moral-majority-style hypocrisy performed with the sort of fierce intensity that such polarizing subjects demand. Choreographer Daniel Stark recasts square dancing as a menacing ritual to create one of the most memorable works of the year.”  
​- Caroline Palmer, Star Tribune

​“Stark’s Politics Religion Sex tackles these weighty topics with a flagrant and brilliant mix of trenchant humor and savvy boldness. There’s madness and supplication, sex and comedy, discomfort and dissension, possession and provocation in this piece, which concludes this all-too-short performance on a wild, whacked-out note of serious satisfaction.” - Camille LeFevre,

"Stark draws upon the story of the child-devouring Gryla in "Folktale Zero," a work that explores the end of imagination in an increasingly virtual world. The fiend is never revealed, except through the slowly crurling and contorted movements of Mary Ann Bradley, who finds a way to imbue her beast with a delicate beauty. What surprises most about this well crafted, physically demanding piece is the sense of loneliness that runs throughout. And that's its scariest aspect. Stark doesn't need to show us anything but ourselves to make his point.
- Caroline Palmer, Star Tribune